Opening Night – Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson – Opening night coverage at Actors Express

Actors Express
Actors Express

Watch opening night coverage of “Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson” at Actors Express in Atlanta.

“Opening Night” is an internet TV program presented by Best Of Atlanta Concerts TV, providing

Opening Night

opening night coverage of some of the top Theatre production premieres in Atlanta. The show is hosted by Vanessa Hyatt-Fugate, where she conducts on-site interviews with show cast members, directors or producers in addition to a discussion with industry insiders and/or local celebrity guest commentators providing insight into production processes and key points of interest to look for during the show.

More information about Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson, visit:

Vanessa Hyatt-Fugate – Host

J. Scott Fugate – Cinematography & Editing
Jazz Evangelist Productions:

Christopher Dealine – Cinematography & Lighting

Fountaine Lewis- Photography

Sherry Rosse – Senior Producer

Dior Metcalf – Executive Producer

Production Assistants – Angela Helms & Vena Kent

Distributed by Best Of Atlanta Concerts:

Special Thanks to:
Atlanta Filmmakers Alliance
Jenny Costantino – Kick Strategy LLC
Nan Barnett – Actors Express
Freddie Ashley
Bill Newberry
Maxim Gukhman
Andy Danh
Kevin Becerra
Bryn Stripe
Matthew Busch
Melisa DuBois
Bailey Sessions
Sheila Oliver
Theo Harness
Frank Roberts

Music Clips –
“Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson” – Original Cast Recording

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