Membership Matters! Become a BOAC Member Today – Membership Q & A

Membership Matters!

Become a BOAC Member Today


Where else can you get Local Video Coverage of The Arts like BOAC?


We are not like other media. We have no billion dollar parent corporation. We started Best of Atlanta Concerts in my living room. Yet we are as a leading creator of video content for Atlanta’s music and arts scene, creating more videos than all the local corporate media online including the AJC. How did we do it? With you.


Membership Q & A


Why are we Asking for Membership?  (Read Here)

Where Can see some of your videos?  We post videos on, Facebook (Here), and YouTube (Here)

How often are videos posted?  New Videos are posted on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  Facebook Live varies by day of the event we are attending.

How often are you covering live events?  We cover 3 -5 live events a week.  We produce at least on video for each event we attend.

What are you going to do with membership the money?   We will hire a reporter and camera operator at every $5,000 increment.

Do you still give away free tickets?  Members get first choice of tickets we giveaway.  We will also continue to give away free ticket at the events we will attend.

How can I find out about upcoming shows now that you have switched to producing videos?  I highly recommend that you follow our Twitter (BestAtlConcerts).  It is the most informative source of all the best shows in Atlanta.  It provides way more show information than we could have ever provided on our website.  You get show reviews, new tour releases, artist profiles, arts news, and lots of great new show updates.  We also post our video content there as well.

How can I see all the member levels?  (Click Here)

What’s the difference between membership levels?   There are 8 membership levels and the higher

How does membership levels ranch in price?   Monthly Memberships are $1, $5, $10, $25, $50, $100, $500 and $1,000

Can I pay other than monthly?  Right now,  you can only signup for monthly membership.  However by December 31 you can signup for our Crew Level Member for a reduced annual amount.

How long does a membership last?  Member will continue every month unless you cancel.

Can I stop my membership at any time?  Yes,  simply email us at at with Subject line “Cancel Membership”.  Include your full name and phone within email.



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