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    Add your reveiw of Jersey Boys.

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    Jersey Boys is back in Atlanta for another fun energy filed run at the Fabulous Fox Theatre. This Tony Award winning production is everything you imagine when you think of a great Broadway musical. With that I gave it at 4 out of 5 Stars.

    Jersery Boys tells the story of the legendary Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons. It checks off a lot of the elements that really draws in the audience such as popular recognizable songs that the audience can sing along to, a story line that makes you wanted to root the the main character while providing some insight on the aspect of how the group was formed & got their big break. It also had an audience friendly pace that seems to feel like time just zooms by.

    My first impressions are of the sheer number of hits that Frank Valli & the Four Seasons produced. The show almost had a feel of a concert because the audience sang along to so many of the songs in the production. People were literally dancing in their seats and at times out of their seats. The vocals from lead actor Aaron De Jesus were amazing. Their were couple of times were standing ovation following his vocals delayed the show. This is a case were the onstage talent truly revivals the real life product.

    Even though the music is outstanding, the storytelling is also very strong. Something that seems to elude many musicals. I had some basic knowledge of Frankie Vallie but, Jersey Boys filled in the gaps nicely. Since these are all Jersey guys you also get that blue collar, tough talking, wise cracking edgy adult humor that make the characters so relatable. This makes for some very snappy dialogue with hilarious one-liners. Intertwined is the story of Frackie Valli’s loyalty to friendship even under extreme circumstances and his rise from a neighbor kid on the edge of a life of crime to becoming an International superstar.

    The show feels like it moves very quickly. There isn’t a lot of wasted dialogue that tend to slow down a production. The sets are constantly changing, they get in and out the musical numbers quickly and the dialogue is to-the-point. This production covered 40 years in about 2 and a half hours. This seemed perfect as the audience was fully engaged the entire show. By the final musical number, the audience were one their feet and seem primed to ask for an encore. Now that’s a musical.

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