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OUR CAUSE’s cause is simple: to support real music in Atlanta. We give a voice to those venues and musicians that keep real music alive and thriving. We support the kind of really good local, live music you can hear every day at local music venues, college recital halls, weekend festivals, museums, and even some restaurants and hotels. This is the real music you can only get with real instruments that leads to that one-on-one connection with the artist that is only capable at that moment in time. This is when you have the opportunity to drop the burdens of the day and aspire to your higher self. Raw. Organic. Spontaneous. Uncensored. Inspiring.

Real music is our cause. We’ve run out of patience for canned, over-processed, over-hyped music from canned, over-processed, over-hyped “artists.” We refuse to accept the over-played 10 songs that commercial radio stations and the music industry try to force down our throats day after day. Real music consist of more than just hip-hop and hard rock. Real music takes into account a full range of emotions from the human condition as expressed in the festive and exhilarating sounds of a live Latin band to the emotional depths of live Blues. Real music connects us with all aspects of ourselves. Commercial music has cheated us out of the this experience with its single-minded focus on what’s trendy, what’s hot, and what sells the fastest to teenagers so they can reach their quarterly goals to satisfy Wall Street. In return, we get watered-down top 20 hits at the expense of quality, well-crafted music.

Join us in our cause of supporting real music. We can speak using the power of our numbers. Let’s show commercial radio and the music industry that Atlanta loves real music. Subscribe to our weekly concert e-newsletter. Tell us about great local artists we should feature and places where you and your friends like to go to hear live, local music. Real music.


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Our mission is to support live, local music in Atlanta by keeping our community aware of the best live music in the city and providing local artists an outlet to market their upcoming events.


We provide the community with the best local artists of various genres in venues across Atlanta. All information about upcoming shows, tickets, and promotions are available online and through our member e-newsletter.


BestofAtlantaConcerts allows artists to market local shows and events through us. In turn, we promote their music with CD release events and shows.


BestofAtlantaConcerts spotlights concerts specializing in blues, jazz, R&B, singer/songwriter, folk, country, Latin, reggae, Classical & World Music, theatre, dance, Comedy.


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