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BestofAtlantaConcerts.com (BOAC) is a leading digital destination for Atlanta concert and performing arts news, information & access as well as an interactive community for conversation with the fans.  BestofAtlantaConcerts.com is Atlanta’s #1 Source of FREE Concert Tickets with giveaways  and provides advertising & promotions to over 400 shows a year to best music & performing arts events from venues across Atlanta.   Content is updated daily to provide fans with the most comprehensive experience for best shows and topics across all major and local venues.

The strategy is simple. Fans tell us what they want and we create, curate and deliver the content they are seeking.  We take a cutting-edge approach to entertainment content production and delivery based on the most relevant information for each fan. With that, we keep fans “in the know” and ahead of the events at all times.

Contact:   (678) 661-1003 or info@bestofatlantaconcerts.com

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2003, Atlanta, Georgia by Sentinel Media, a leading Atlanta based entertainment media company whose businesses feature Atlanta’s music & performing arts scene via the following platforms:   Digital, TV, Film, and Live Events.


Our mission is to become Atlanta’s largest & best entertainment digital media network.


BestofAtlantaConcerts.com spotlights music & the performing arts specializing in blues, jazz, R&B, singer/songwriter, folk, country, Latin, reggae, Classical & World Music, theatre, dance and Comedy.



BOAC TV is Atlanta’s only TV show featuring local music & performing arts events spotlighting national, international & local artist.  Get behind-the-scene stories, interview, show premiere coverage & more.







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