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Dear fellow Music & Arts Lover,


We are not like other media. We have no billion dollar parent corporation. We started Best of Atlanta Concerts in my living room. Yet we are as a leading creator of video content for Atlanta’s music and arts scene, creating more videos than all the local corporate media online including the AJC. How did we do it? With you.


Now I have a very big dream I want to tell you about—it’s a dream I’ve had all of my adult life. I’ve know this was where we’re going all along. Now is the time. But this all depends on you. Please hear me out.


Thanks to you, the BOAC Crusaders for the Arts, we are able to spotlight and cover some of the best shows around Atlanta. No one can water us down.   No one can prevent us from covering any event that TV and radio producers or print editors don’t have time or interest to cover. This is very real for us. When we are at a show, we are normally the only media outlet covering the event especially with video coverage. When we are at an opening night, we are the only one getting behind-the-scenes footage, artist/production staff interviews, event video recaps instead of blurry selfie photos for twitter and Instagram that other media outlets have their reporters use to cover events. When other TV, radio or print outlets think we are wasting our time on covering local shows and local artist, we are at the shows ready to give you access to the people and tell the stories behind the events that make Atlanta the 3rd​ ​ biggest entertainment market in the US. We are dedicated to bringing unparalleled access to the Atlanta music and arts scene and we are never going to settle.


When I started covering the arts—I made a promise to our audience that I would not sellout by strictly covering the mega events/shows. And it was because of your support that I had the drive and freedom to keep that promise, and keep BOAC going, and keep it growing.


Today we are much more than a website. We truly are a digital music and art network with more than a million YouTube views. We produce more music and arts video content online every week than AJC, WSB, 11alive, CBS 46, and Creative Loafing. But it’s no enough. For the sake of our city and our arts scene, it’s not enough. When I look at politics concerning the arts education in the country, I know why the arts are struggling. It’s because the government and traditional media have significantly cut their support. Local media are more interested in covering the latest car crash, latest murder, the latest political scandal and has neglected to cover positive stories that inspire and uplift in exchange for sensationalism and a quick ratings boost.


So here is our dream- one that I know you have shared with us all along. We want to build BOAC into a full-fledged competitor to traditional news media. We’re actually just a few steps away from it—but they are pretty big steps. This is going to a big lift and we need all of you to come along with us.


Between now and January 31, 2018, we want to raise enough money to hire four new powerful arts journalist to cover music, theatre, comedy and classical. I can’t wait to tell you who we have in mind. You are going to love these people. But we need to raise the money first to get them signed on. Each team will include editors, producers and camera people. We are going to do this right.


With just one full-time reporter – Myself- we are already covering 2-3 events a week producing 5-7 videos a week. We provided full live coverage of the Ceelo Green ribbon cutting ceremony of a new building at Callanwolde honoring his grandmother, we scored an exclusive interview with Justin Timberlake’s musical director discussing his upcoming Super Bowl performance and we got jazz legend George Duke’s last Atlanta interview before his death. Look at what we have already built!


Now imagine what we could do with 4 full reporting teams. As a top 3 entertainment market, we have to give Atlanta’s music and arts scene the voice it deserves. We have to step up when traditional media is stepping down. No one is using video to tell the stories of local artist, the behind-the-scenes production people and the venues owners that are the backbone of any arts scene. There are so many events to cover and stories to tell. Let us stand up for Atlanta arts.


So Yes, I’m asking for you to help us build a full-fledged alternative to traditional arts media. This big next step means raising twenty-five thousand dollars a month in memberships to build this killer team. That’s nothing for traditional media. It literally would pay for just 33% of one of their “star” anchors salaries. I’m not kidding. But for us, we would build four full reporting teams and unleash them on the best events all over the metro area.


They will be your ticket to the best events around Atlanta. Please donate and become member at the $5, $50 or whatever level you can afford to make this dream reality. Give us the power to go toe-to-toe with traditional media.


The only reason we haven’t been able to do this before is that it was too expensive. But I think we can do this together. When you guys get us to $5,000 we’ll unveil who our next reporter is that will lead the next team. Hopefully, we’ll get to all four new reporters. Let’s show traditional media Atlantans want something other than just car jackings and car crashes. I can’t wait. WE- you and us together are the crusaders for the arts. Help us put more crusaders on the beat so Atlanta’s music and arts scene can continue to grow.



Dior Metcalf

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